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As children, my older sister and I used to tape small pockets inside the back covers of all our books and write out little name cards for them so we could play libraries. When we grew  up, she became a librarian and I ended up as a writer and editor.

I’ve written various kinds of books including a novella and collections of short stories, as well as loads of chapter books and nonfiction for primary school literacy programs. I’ve edited many different books too: I love to ‘polish’ writing. Playing with words, finding new ways to use them and make them perform is one of my favourite pastimes.

These days I concentrate on my own writing, dabbling with short stories, a couple of novels and a few 10-minute plays. I’ve got several projects on the go, floating backwards and forwards between them. I mix writing with reading, gardening, studying Shakespeare, learning to speak French, baking cakes, visiting galleries, making quilts, and travelling to London to see my grandchildren. I also love trawling op shops and antique centres for bits and bobs to add to my vintage collections. I do lots of this stuff with my sister … and we both still love books!

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