dilatory stuff

9 June 2019

I’m workshopping my new story on Tuesday morning. It’s a ‘body horror’ story based on a recent medical experience I had. I’m writing it in third person because it was so traumatising, I need to distance myself from it.

On Friday afternoon, I decided I could best spend the time finishing the book I was reading. After all, I had a whole long weekend to finish the short story. And the book was niggling at me; I had to find out how it ended.

On Saturday, I decided to finish the quilt I was making. It had to be done. I’d been putting it off for at least a month and that hand sewing wasn’t going to do itself!

Today, I had to spring clean the Scriptorium. How could I possibly write when I knew the windowsills needed to be dusted and the decor items rearranged and the floor vacuumed and the antique cabinet polished and the doilies washed and the bookcases alphabetised and… my writing room looks great. It smells of lavender furniture polish. But it’s four o’clock now and… I’m exhausted.

I’ll finish the story on Monday. I know it’s a public holiday but I’ll just have to work. I have a deadline. I’m workshopping my new story on Tuesday morning.

2 thoughts on “dilatory stuff

  1. Body horror? I am intrigued! I hope the trauma is transitory. Maybe we can compare notes. *grin


  2. I have no idea what a body horror is but good luck. You made me laugh with your cleaning story! I too have an unfinished quilt waiting quietly in the corner. You have inspired me.

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